Flex Appliance

Bringing the agility of containers to NetBackup data protection.

Flex Appliances bring the agility of container technology to NetBackup data protection. Run multiple NetBackup deployments on a single Flex appliance. Create new deployments and upgrade in minutes. Efficiently tier to the cloud with NetBackup CloudCatalyst containers. Flex Appliance’s ease of use lets you quickly respond in a rapidly changing business environment.

Save on operational and capital costs. Since NetBackup deployments are created 100% in software, your data protection infrastructure can scale quickly without adding hardware.

Flex Appliance Family

Flex 5340 Appliance

  • Enterprise core
  • Consolidate multiple deployments 2 Pb usable capacity
  • High availability
  • Tier to multiple clouds
  • Upgrade to new releases of NetBackup in minutes

Flex 5150 Appliance

  • Enterprise edge
  • Complete NetBackup data protection solution in a compact easy to maintain form-factor
  • Easy to maintain
  • Efficiently tier to the cloud
  • Upgrade to new releases of NetBackup in minutes

Featured highlights   

Consolidate multiple NetBackup deployments.

  • Reduce data centre footprint.
  • Simplify management.
  • Eliminate data centre sprawl.
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Create a NetBackup deployment and upgrades in less than five minutes.

  • Choose NetBackup container from menu.
  • Configure NetBackup container.
  • Deploy.
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High availability.

  • Easily configure in minutes.
  • Reduce planned and unplanned downtime.
  • All deployments highly available.

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