NetBackup Flex  

Enhance NetBackup with ransomware resilience
and improve data centre efficiency.


NetBackup Flex Appliance with NetBackup Security

Learn about the intrusion detection and prevention, and security features in the Flex Appliances with NetBackup solution.

Ransomware Resilience with NetBackup

Learn how NetBackup and our Enterprise Data Services Platform ensure operational resilience from malicious activities.

Cohasset Associates report
Learn how NetBackup with Flex Appliance meets critical regulatory requirements.

Quickly scale your data protection infrastructure without adding hardware.

NetBackup Flex extends NetBackup data protection with
ransomware resiliency and multi-tenant capabilities to reduce
data centre costs and improve management efficiency.

Product Highlights   

Ransomware Resilience

  • Immutable storage with policy-based retention locks.
  • Air-gapped, multi-point backup repositories including cloud and traditional tape libraries.
  • Cohasset Associates confirms that NetBackup Flex meets critical regulatory requirements.
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Consolidate multiple NetBackup deployments.

  • Reduce data centre footprint.
  • Simplify management.
  • Eliminate data centre sprawl.
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Create a NetBackup deployment in less
than five minutes. Upgrade even faster.

  • Choose NetBackup container.
  • Configure NetBackup container.
  • Deploy.
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NetBackup Flex Appliance Family

Enterprise Core

NetBackup Flex 5350 Appliance

NetBackup Flex 5340 Appliance


Consolidate multiple deployments
1.92 PB usable capacity
High-availability configurations

Small and Midsize Enterprise


NetBackup Flex 5250 Appliance

Consolidate small deployments
442 TB usable capacity
Complete NetBackup data
protection solution

Remote Offices and
Small Departments

NetBackup Flex 5150 Appliance



Complete enterprise class data
protection in a compact form factor
14.4 TB usable capacity
Easy to maintain

Veritas Appliance Families


Veritas offers several appliances to meet the needs of different use cases – including virtual environments, hybrid clouds and traditional data protection deployments.

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