Global business continuity

One solution across private, public and hybrid clouds

Meeting uptime Service Level Objectives across private, public and hybrid clouds with multiple point tools can be complicated and costly. Resiliency Platform helps ensure proactive resiliency for applications across your constantly evolving diverse environments with a single solution covering physical, virtual and cloud that reduces operating costs.

  • Meet critical Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs)
  • Proactively move applications across sites or to the cloud as required
  • Automate recovery run books, including site evacuation and start/stop recovery orchestration for multi-tier applications
  • Ensure compliance with business continuity mandates via audit reports and non-disruptive recovery rehearsals

Ensure predictability

Get predictable business resiliency every time

  • Track business application health to availability Service Level Objectives like RTOs and RPOs
  • Proactively monitor cross-site resiliency risks in real time for application data inconsistencies
  • Ensure successful recovery with zero downtime and zero clean up recovery rehearsals

Leverage automation

Eliminate inefficient or risky manual tasks

  • Reduce human error and extended downtime with automated start/stop orchestration between tiers for complex, multi-tier application recovery procedures
  • Automate and customise run books for cross-site recovery, inserting manual procedures as needed
  • Failover or failback virtual machines, applications, multi-tier applications or your entire site with single-click operations

Confirm compliance

Verify compliance with business continuity regulations

  • Make informed business decisions with round-the-clock visibility into the resiliency health of all applications and data via a web-based dashboard
  • Prove compliance with internal and external business continuity mandates via built-in reporting which you can auto-schedule or run as needed
  • Assure stakeholders of business continuity preparedness with non-disruptive, automated recovery rehearsals

Enhance flexibility

Manage business resiliency your way

  • Innovate IT with seamless integration into existing environments plus scalability to protect future architectures
  • Recover at your desired level of granularity: virtual machine, application, multi-tier service or entire site
  • Simplify resiliency management with support for leading enterprise and custom applications

Move beyond backup and disaster recovery

Get predictable uptime for your entire IT landscape

Ensure predictable, integrated resiliency and proactive uptime across all your application Service Level Objectives—from seconds to minutes and hours to days—via direct integration of Resiliency Platform with NetBackup.

  • Orchestrate predictable, complex recoveries
  • Ensure disaster recovery readiness with non-disruptive rehearsals
  • Achieve all your Service Level Objectives

Smoothly migrate business workloads

Easily migrate workloads to and from AWS

Now you can count on seamless migration of business workloads between your data centre and the Amazon Web Services cloud. Direct integration of Resiliency Platform with AWS Elastic Block Storage (EBS) speeds up migration, so you can confidently meet all your Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs).

  • Seamlessly migrate workloads between on-premises locations and AWS
  • Boost migration times with direct integration to Elastic Block Storage (EBS)
  • Easily meet your Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs)

Get automated, single-click recovery

Recover quickly across sites or to the cloud

Don't let manual procedures, point tools or extensive scripts bog down your disaster recovery planning. Get fully automated site-to-site or site-to-cloud resiliency procedures with Resiliency Platform.

  • Automate recovery with single-click recovery procedures
  • Easily manage complex application recovery with fully automated dependency orchestration
  • Recover at your desired level of granularity: application, virtual machine, multi-tier application or the entire site

Practice non-disruptive recovery rehearsals

Rest easy with automated, non-disruptive recovery testing

Now you can avoid scheduling exhaustive disaster recovery testing over the weekend. With Resiliency Platform, you'll get non-disruptive testing for critical business applications along with automated clean-up.

  • Ensure business continuity with a proactive solution
  • Test business recovery to the cloud or site failovers with a single click
  • Eliminate all-hands-on-deck weekend testing and test anytime you wish
  • Prove compliance to internal and external stakeholders via automated reporting

Get real-time visibility into business health

Gain deep holistic visibility from a single dashboard

Don't let your business decisions suffer from fragmented visibility into your IT health posture. Get complete, round-the-clock visibility and reporting of your business IT health from a single pane of glass.

  • Check the high-level status of all data centres via a web-based dashboard
  • Gain visibility into how business applications are meeting defined Service Level Objectives such as RTOs and RPOs
  • Display what's important for your business with configurable home screen widgets

Veritas Technologies is the Leader in the 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Centre Backup and Recovery Software

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