Flex Appliance

Beyond hyper-converged: information-defined microservices.

The enterprise proven technology in Veritas NetBackup and NetBackup CloudCatalyst are now available in the Veritas Flex Appliance. Using a new, Information-defined microservices technology, the Flex Appliance consolidates multiple data protection and management deployments on a single, resilient, scalable and integrated appliance.

Rather than relying on numerous, complex silos of costly converged or single-function servers and storage devices, the Veritas Flex Appliance and its information-defined microservices deliver on-demand, enterprise-wide backup and recovery, long-term retention and cloud tiering in a single, highly available and scalable solution.

Key features:

  • Simplifies infrastructure and reduces costs with multiple NetBackup domains in a single Flex Appliance
  • Delivers enterprise-wide, on-premise and cloud data protection with minimal hardware footprint
  • Information-defined microservices adapt with DevOps-like agility to the changing needs of the business

Keep pace with changing requirements, optimise TCO

NetBackup and NetBackup CloudCatalyst Data Protection; On-demand

  • Deploy and utilise multiple, enterprise-wide NetBackup data protection microservices in minutes
  • Easily adapt to changing requirements by adding or modifying NetBackup domains
  • Eliminates acquiring, deploying, configuring/re-configuring and managing a complex software and server environment

Scale with containerised microservices, not servers

Redefine scalability

  • Scale-out multiple data protection services in a single Flex Appliance
  • Scale-out capacity on-premise and in public clouds
  • Scale capacity by simply adding storage to a NetBackup microservice

Simple, seamless upgrades

Reduce risk and save time

  • Rapid software upgrades by simply replacing a containerised microservice with a new verison
  • Run multiple versions of applications simultaneously
  • Containerised microservices architecture segregates network connectivity and applications eliminating inter-service interference

Delivering data protection services with DevOps-like agility

The microservices architecture of the Veritas Flex Appliance delivers backup and recovery, long-term retention and cloud tiering applications as a collection of loosely coupled services. The architecture enables the dynamic, on-demand delivery and deployment of enterprise data protection applications. The Flex Appliance provides a platform for Veritas to develop and advance new microservices-based applications, enabling an organisation to easily evolve and exploit new services.

  • Condense complex infrastructure and reduce costs
  • Accelerate and simplify enterprise-wide data protection services
  • Enable rapid advances with DevOps-like agility for data services

Seamless integration with the Veritas Access LTR Appliance and public cloud services

Whether your business requires on-premise, public cloud or a hybrid approach to long-term retention, the Flex Appliance NetBackup CloudCatalyst microservice makes it easy to create an end-to-end data protection solution. NetBackup CloudCatalyst microservices provide the capability to cost effectively retain and protect your data on-premise in the Veritas Access Appliance, Veritas Cognitive Object Storage and/or multiple public clouds-including Amazon, Microsoft, Google and more.

  • Easily orchestrate moving data to on-premise storage and/or multiple clouds for long-term retention
  • Intelligent data reduction services increase effective capacities and reduce the time, cost and network bandwidth required for data to the cloud
  • Seamlessly scale NetBackup CloudCatalyst microservices to meet the changing demands of the business

The scalability and resilience of the cloud, on-premise

Operational availability is a major factor when it comes to data protection services. The microservices architecture of the Flex Appliance redefines resiliency. Its microservices are containerised - completely isolated from inter-services interference and completely segregating data and network connectivity. A highly resilient Flex Appliance solution provides enterprise reliability across multiple data protection domains, meeting the requirements of the most stringent service level agreements.

  • Containerised isolation prevents a microservices failure from impacting other applications
  • Software-defined elasticity allows the microservice to be independently versioned, deployed and scaled
  • Microservices are resilient, automatically failing over to a high availability partner