Flexible snapshot management for cloud and data center

CloudPoint manages the scheduling and the retention policies around your snapshot backups. It offloads all manual aspects of the snapshot process, including scheduling, policy creation and cataloging, and provides you with peace of mind that backups are always being done and ready for fast recovery operations.

  • Protect any workload, on-premises or in the cloud
  • Leverage storage investment in native snapshot capabilities on arrays, SDS, and cloud
  • Adopt the multi-cloud with consistent recovery interface
  • Integrate through RESTful API for complete control and management

Featured Highlights

Offload routine jobs

Automated snapshot scheduling and creation eliminate writing complex, home-grown, manual backup scripts to perform snapshot backups any time of the day, week, or month, so you never miss a backup.

Avoid snapshot-sprawl, save money

Auto-deletion of expired snapshots prevents you from retaining thousands of redundant backups, so you keep storage waste and cost down.

Consistent backups

Create application-consistent backups of your Oracle 12c Single node database and crash-consistent volume level snapshots and restores for other workloads on cloud and storage arrays.

Multi-cloud compatibility

One solution to seamlessly manage, create and recover snapshots of your workloads in your data center and your Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud environments.

Focus on core tasks

An easy to use web console helps you to get the job done quickly and offers visibility in storage usage and backup performance.

No barriers, complete control

Every function you perform in the web console can also be programmed through the RESTful API enabling you for example to integrate your existing tools, to automate specific routine tasks or even develop integration support for new workloads.