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Veritas Abstracts IT Complexity With New Enterprise Data Services Platform

Veritas NetBackupTM8.2 powers Enterprise Data Services Platform; brings new levels of availability, protection, and insights at enterprise scale

Santa Clara, Calif. – June 20, 2019 Veritas Technologies, the market share leader in enterprise data protection, today announced the Enterprise Data Services Platform, a unified set of technologies designed to abstract the complexity of enterprise IT. The platform, which is powered by Veritas NetBackup 8.2, allows customers to get what matters to them most, simply: highly available apps, always protected and recoverable data, and insights that drive operational efficiency and regulatory compliance.

“Infrastructure complexity is damaging IT’s ability to meet the demands of today’s always-on enterprise,” said Greg Hughes, chief executive officer, Veritas. “Our new Enterprise Data Services Platform, powered by NetBackup 8.2, allows enterprises to gain control of their data to help them manage its growth, reduce impact of ransomware, and prove compliance for on prem and cloud environments.”

Starting with PROTECTION: The evolution of backup
While many enterprises believe most of their data should be backed up, the reality is very different. According to the recent Value of Data study conducted by Vanson Bourne for Veritas, 52 percent of business data is “dark data” and unmanaged by policy. Why? Most often, it is because enterprises do not know what data exists in their organization or where it lives. NetBackup 8.2 helps enterprises address this by supporting more than 500 data sources and over 150 storage targets, including 60 cloud providers. It can be deployed in any form factor, making it the most versatile and extensible approach to data management available on the market today.

What’s new in NetBackup 8.2?

Protect all your data on virtual infrastructure

  • Fully agentless architecture for VMware
  • Support for RedHat Virtualization and OpenStack
  • First Docker Certified backup and recovery solution for containers

Accelerate your journey to the cloud

  • 2X faster backups to the cloud
  • Support for Amazon Web Services (AWS) Snowball Edge, AWS access controls, Veritas Cloud Catalyst enhancements for protecting data on AWS, cloud archive storage tiers such as Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) Glacier and Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive
  • Automation of disaster recovery to and in the cloud
  • Cloud-native data protection with application consistency for Oracle, Microsoft SQL, and MongoDB

Deploy, integrate, and scale your infrastructure with ease

  • API-first approach that enables data protection automation and integration
  • Backup, orchestration, cataloging and replication with native snapshot technologies
  • Self-service with ServiceNow and VMware vRealize plugins

“Telefónica is a long-time user of NetBackup. We use it to protect data across our business and to meet regulation compliance,” said Ajit Sharma, Business Optimisation IT Director at Telefónica UK. “We’re excited by how the new Veritas Enterprise Data Services Platform builds on the capabilities of NetBackup giving us the ability to standardize and simplify how we manage our data.”

Layering on AVAILABILITY: Automation, orchestration, and performance matter
The right technology for 24/7 business should provide complete infrastructure abstraction. It should support any OS, application, hypervisor, cloud and storage; provide automation and orchestration of data recovery and testing; and give businesses the ability to monitor applications for availability and peak performance. This is what Veritas InfoScale TM provides and why enterprises trust it.

What’s new in InfoScale?

  • Ability to cluster AWS Availability Zones for migrated, mission-critical applications
  • Support for Chef and Ansible platforms
  • IPv6 support
  • New solutions for Nutanix, Dell EMC ScaleIO, and NVM Express
  • Security enhancements

Generating INSIGHTS: Achieving regulatory readiness
The recent Value of Data study concluded that 83 percent of respondents felt data silos were negatively impacting their organization’s ability to prove regulatory compliance. To solve this problem, Veritas is introducing a new unified information intelligence tool — Veritas Information Studio — that provides clear visibility, targeted analysis, and informed action on data.

What’s new in Information Studio?

  • Connectors to 20+ cloud and on-premises data repositories including NetBackup
  • Visual rendering of metadata to identify what exists, where it exists, and who has access
  • Classification of data to identify personally identifiable information (PII)
  • Deletion to reclaim storage resources, lower costs, and reduce risks

Information Studio is the newest addition to Veritas’ Insights portfolio, which also features APTARE, the industry’s leading IT analytics solution for managing data for storage and backup systems for hybrid cloud environments.

“Exponential data growth, prominent data threats like ransomware, and a highly volatile and ever-changing data regulatory environment are not new challenges for businesses to deal with, but complexity stymies IT’s ability to solve these challenges and better empower the business.” said Phil Goodwin, Research Director, IDC. “Abstracting this complexity, while improving application availability, is what IT organizations need and what Veritas is addressing.”

Want to Learn More?
Watch Veritas announce the Veritas Enterprise Data Services Platform and NetBackup 8.2 at a live event on June 20 at 9:00 a.m. PT. Veritas executives will be joined by key customers and partners including Telefónica, AWS, and Pure Storage. For more information on the Veritas Enterprise Data Services Platform, please visit and Veritas Perspectives Blog.

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Veritas Technologies is a global leader in data protection and availability. Over fifty thousand enterprises—including 97% of the Fortune 100—rely on us to abstract IT complexity and simplify data management. Veritas Enterprise Data Services Platform automates the protection and orchestrates the recovery of data everywhere it lives, ensures 24/7 availability of business-critical applications, and provides enterprises with the insights they need to comply with evolving data regulations. With a reputation for reliability at scale and a deployment model to fit any need, Veritas supports more than 500 data sources and over 150 storage targets, including 60 clouds. Learn more at Follow us on Twitter at @veritastechllc.

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