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NetBackup Safeguards Critical Healthcare Infrastructure

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Ensure business resiliency with our three-pillar strategy for data protection and recovery.

Ransomware is big business, which means malicious actors are motivated to create new ways to penetrate an organization’s infrastructure that will halt business while impacting the lives of all those involved. When it comes to healthcare systems, time is even more critical because lives are at stake as well as your ability to deliver quality care to the people who need it the most. Boost your confidence with a comprehensive guide to combatting the threat of ransomware. With this asset you learn:

  • Best practices to ensure business resiliency, including meeting your RPOs/RTOs
  • The importance of protecting your most critical assets using system hardening and immutable storage
  • How to detect threats with complete visibility and using advanced intelligence tools including machine learning and anomaly detection
  • Why a multi-layered cyber-resiliency strategy is vital to a quick and flexible recovery