Data Management in a Multi-Cloud World: Utilities Edition

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Adoption of cloud technology has historically served organisations primarily as a means of extending their data storage capabilities. However, the demands of the modern world have meant that a far wider range of business activities are now facilitated via cloud-based architecture.

This applies across all industries, including utilities organisations that are now increasingly complementing their existing on-premises IT systems with more modern technology.

However, the gradual transition towards cloud and more hybridised IT environments is certainly not without challenge for utilities organisations. When considering a backdrop of the global pandemic and the additional pressure it has placed organisations and their IT under, the challenges and concerns are heightened. Many will have found themselves trying to adapt their IT infrastructure and hurry to new cloud deployments faster than they may generally have been comfortable with.

This report focuses on a recent quantitative research study conducted with UK and Ireland IT decision makers (ITDMs). It explores how utilities organisations are approaching cloud adoption, where the key challenges and apprehensions exist, and how they can look to overcome these challenges through making improvements to their approaches to data management and data protection.