Data Management in a Multi-Cloud World: Professional Services Edition

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Historically, the primary purpose of cloud technology in a business context would have been as a means of extending data storage capabilities, but in a modern-day context it brings with it almost endless potential in terms of supporting effective business operations.

However, despite the many benefits the cloud can deliver, the rising utilisation is not without its challenges, especially in the context of a post-pandemic world and when thinking of professional services organisations, some of which will be faced with particularly stringent industry regulations.

These challenges relate not only to the more traditional cloud concerns such as security, but also to vital areas within data management and data protection. For many organisations, data backup capabilities need considerable improvements, there are concerning gaps in data visibility, and there is also ample room for improvement within scalability of data management and protection.

This report focuses on a recent quantitative research study conducted with UK and Ireland IT decision makers (ITDMs). It explores how professional services organisations are approaching cloud adoption, where the key challenges and apprehensions exist, and how organisations can look to overcome these challenges through making improvements to their approaches to data management and data protection.