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Combat the Threat of Ransomware to Financial Services—with Best Practices from Veritas

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In financial services, ransomware attackers are utilizing ever more sophisticated techniques to imperil sensitive data, disrupt compliance and regulation requirements, and pass even the most vigilant frontline security. 

Ransomware skyrocketed in the first 6 months of 2021, with over 307 million attempted attacks surpassing 2020 total year numbers, with 78 million occurring in June 2021 alone. The average payment is US$300K—and the total financial impact brought upon businesses is 10 times greater. Financial services IT teams must realize that true ransomware resilience won’t be realized by endpoint security alone—and that’s where Veritas comes in. 

In this white paper you will: 

  • learn how to protect your IT systems and maintain data integrity 
  • understand the Veritas solutions that will help you detect system abnormalities by monitoring and mitigating threats 
  • determine which of our recover options best suits your needs so you can apply it to your specific environment.