Resiliency and Disaster Recovery Designed for Azure

Resiliency and Disaster Recovery Designed for Azure

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SAP Certified Resiliency Made Simple

Run your cloud ERP with confidence by architecting SAP on Azure with resiliency to prevent outages or application performance issues. Veritas InfoScale provides SAP applications with:

  • Simplified Management - Consolidate monitoring across your organization to achieve recovery point objectives and recovery time objectives. 
  • Availability & Automation - Automate real time management of SAP and prevent downtime instead of reacting after the fact.
  • Disaster Recovery - Seamlessly failover your applications and data where you need, any region, any time, to ensure your business is always up and running.
  • Certified Protection - Veritas is SAP certified.

When business and innovation rely on your SAP Azure application, ensure availability with Infoscale. Connect with a Veritas expert today!