A 360° approach to information.

Digital transformation depends on information.
Turn your data into a competitive asset for the multi-cloud world.

Most of your IT infrastructure can now be outsourced to the cloud, but your information is the one asset you should own and exploit.

But how do you take maximum advantage of the multi-cloud world without creating a new set of data silos, and incurring hidden storage costs, stalled developers and greater compliance risk?

You need to take a 360° approach: all-round Protection, Availability and Insight for your data, no matter where it travels.

360 Data Management for Hybrid and Multi-Cloud


Gain granular understanding of the entire unstructured data landscape.


Prove regulatory compliance, automate archiving and respond to eDiscovery matters.


Minimise interruptions with one-click failover to any environment.


Discovery, Classification,
Policy Automation


Ensure data recoverability for any workload; enable self-service access to virtual data copies.


Ensure freedom of data/workload movement and migration across locations and platforms.


Boost performance, scalability and availability across any storage while dramatically reducing cost.

Accelerate your cloud migration. Fast-track your digital transformation.

Why Veritas?

Comprehensive solution.

Our 360 approach means you can address any data management challenge – from protection and availability to storage utilisation and compliance – more scalably and cost-effectively than with a collection of single-purpose tools that weren't designed to work together.

Enterprise proven.

There's a reason why 86% of the Global Fortune 500 enterprises trust Veritas with their most important asset. We have a proven track record of dependability in the most demanding environments in the world.

We've done this before.

We've helped customers manage their data through many IT transitions – from client server to virtualisation, open source and now to the multi-cloud. We have no infrastructure agenda, so we support your old and new worlds equally well, allowing you to evolve safely on your own terms.