Backup Exec 21.2 Readme

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Product(s): Backup Exec (21.2)

Software Compatibility List (SCL) and Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) and driver notes

The following notes detail information about the software and hardware that you use with Backup Exec:

  • The Software Compatibility List (SCL) and the Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) contain the latest information about supported and unsupported software and hardware and are updated regularly. Before you install or upgrade Backup Exec, review the current compatibility lists to confirm the compatibility of your hardware and software.

  • You do not need to install tape device drivers if Backup Exec runs on Windows Server 2012 and later. Kernel-mode drivers and tapeinst.exe are no longer installed if Backup Exec is installed on Windows Server 2012 and later. If you use older or unsupported tape devices, test the devices before you use Windows Server 2012 and later to determine the functionality in case kernel-mode drivers are required.