Backup Exec 21.2 Readme

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Product(s): Backup Exec (21.2)

Deduplication Feature notes

The following notes detail information about using the Deduplication Feature with Backup Exec:

  • If you cannot configure your OST device with this release of Backup Exec, you may need to install a later version of your OST plug-in. Please contact your vendor to obtain the most recent plug-in for your device.

  • Deduplication requirements have changed for Backup Exec 2012 and later. You should review the topic Requirements for the Deduplication Feature in the Backup Exec Administrator's Guide.

  • You cannot create a deduplication storage folder in a storage path that contains double-byte characters. The following error appears:

    A deduplication storage folder could not be created in the given directory.

  • The ability to store a deduplication storage folder and its related database on separate volumes is no longer available. Backup Exec creates the database on the same volume as the deduplication storage folder. This applies to new deduplication storage folders that are created in Backup Exec 2014 and later. If you stored the database in a separate volume in a previous release of Backup Exec, that configuration is preserved when you upgrade to Backup Exec.

  • If you want to back up a deduplication storage folder that is located in Shadow Copy Components, you should use a storage device other than the deduplication storage folder, such as tape, network storage, or OpenStorage deduplication devices.

  • When you upgrade to Backup Exec, there may be a large amount of expired media that the deduplication storage folder or OST device must reclaim. This first backup job may take a long time to process.

  • If you create a deduplication storage folder on a managed Backup Exec server, you receive the following error message on the storage folder's Properties page on the managed Backup Exec server:

    The System Logon Account cannot be used for a deduplication disk storage device.

    This error message should not appear on the central administration server. This error message cannot be removed, but it does not affect functionality. The properties on the managed Backup Exec server incorrectly display the logon account from its own database, but Backup Exec uses the logon account from the central administration server's database.