NetBackup™ Web UI Cloud Administrator's Guide

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Product(s): NetBackup (8.2)
Platform: Linux,UNIX,Windows

About protecting cloud assets

Using NetBackup, you can now protect your in-cloud workloads. The cloud data protection framework leverages the CloudPoint infrastructure to drive faster proliferation of cloud providers.

Watch the video for a quick overview about protecting in-cloud assets.

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The following table describes the tasks.

Table: Configuring protection for cloud assets



Before you begin ensure that you have the appropriate permission.

To manage and protect cloud assets in the web UI you must have the workload administrator role or similar permissions. Contact the NetBackup security administrator.

See the NetBackup Web UI Security Administrator's Guide


For managing hosted applications, you need Manage Assets and Manage Protection Plans permissions.

Deploy CloudPoint

Install CloudPoint in your environment.

See the Veritas CloudPoint Administrator's Guide.

Review CloudPoint and NetBackup limitations.

See Limitations and considerations.

Configure the CloudPoint server using the NetBackup Administration Console

Register the CloudPoint server in NetBackup.

See Registering the CloudPoint server with NetBackup.

Add a configuration

All the supported cloud providers are displayed in the web UI.

You need to add the cloud account (configure the cloud plug-in) for the cloud provider you need. You can create multiple configurations for each provider. See Configurations for a cloud provider.

For Amazon, you can choose to use IAM role. See IAM Role for AWS Configuration.

Asset discovery

NetBackup retrieves the cloud assets pertaining to the cloud accounts that are configured in NetBackup. Assets are populated in NetBackup asset DB.

By default, asset discovery happens every 4 hours and is configurable.

In case of applications, you can set discovery interval between 15 minutes to 45 minutes.

See Configuring cloud asset discovery interval .

Create a snapshot only protection plan

Create a snapshot only protection plan. A protection plan is used to schedule backup start windows.

See the NetBackup Web UI Backup Administrator's Guide.

You can also configure the protection plan for snapshot replication. See Configure snapshot replication.

Choose to protect a virtual machine, application, or volume

For each cloud provider, a list of discovered assets is displayed. Add the assets to a protection plan.

See the NetBackup Web UI Backup Administrator's Guide.

You can also choose to protect application using application consistent snapshots. See Protecting applications in-cloud with application consistent snapshots.

Recover cloud assets


See Troubleshooting cloud workload protection issues.