NetBackup™ Web UI Cloud Administrator's Guide

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Product(s): NetBackup (8.1.2)

Limitations and considerations

Consider the following when protecting cloud workloads

  • Deletion of CloudPoint host entry and its associated plug-ins is not supported in NetBackup.

    If you delete plug-ins that are configured in NetBackup, you cannot recover any CloudPoint images associated with that plug-in.

  • Review the Veritas CloudPoint Administrator's Guide for information on the capabilities of CloudPoint.

  • NetBackup integration is not supported with the CloudPoint freemium version.

  • If you have a previous installation of CloudPoint, Veritas recommends that you upgrade the CloudPoint server and not reinstall it.

    If you do reinstall the CloudPoint server, you need to reconfigure the CloudPoint server and perform all the protection-related steps.

  • When you configure a CloudPoint server using port 0, the default value is used.

  • When a snapshot or a restore job fails, you need to clean up data manually on the target destination in the cloud.

  • For CloudPoint server, enhanced auditing is not supported. Thus, when you add or update a CloudPoint server, with non-root but NetBackupAdmin rights, during auditing the user is shown as root.