Veritas NetBackup™ for MariaDB Administrator's Guide

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Product(s): NetBackup (, 8.3)


nbmariadb -o backup — runs the backup operation from the NetBackup client.


nbmariadb -o backup

-S master_server_name

-P policy_name

-s schedule_name

(Linux) -l mariadb_library_path

(LVM) -z snapshot_size

[-portnum db_port]

[-u db_user]


This command invokes the backup operation from the NetBackup client using the NetBackup DataStore policy name and the schedule type. The parameter -S and -P are required parameters for Windows. The parameters -l and (LVM) -z are required parameters for Linux. The -portnum and -u are the optional parameters.

On Linux systems, the directory path is /usr/NBMariaDBAgent/

On Windows, the directory path is install_path\NBMariaDBAgent\



(Linux) Configures the MariaDB library directory


Configures the database port number that identifies the MariaDB instance on which the backup is performed.


Configures the NetBackup DataStore policy name.


Configures the NetBackup server name.


Specifies the schedule name that you have configure for the DataStore policy.


Configures the database user name.


(LVM backups) Specifies the LVM snapshot size.