Veritas NetBackup™ for MariaDB Administrator's Guide

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Product(s): NetBackup (, 8.3)

About NetBackup for MariaDB commands

This section describes the commands, options, and parameters that are available to run the nbmariadb operations. Each command contains a brief description, required parameters, and optional parameters for the respective operations. The NetBackup for MariaDB Agent supports only those commands, options, and parameters that are mentioned in this document.

Observe for the following:

  • You must provide the parameters in the nbmariadb.conf file or on the nbmariadbcommand line.

  • The parameters that you provide on the command line takes precedence over the nbmariadb.conf file.

  • Specify the operation type -o on the nbmariadb command line.

  • Specify the parameters and options for the respective operations on the nbmariadb command line or in the nbmariadb.conf file.

The NetBackup for MariaDB command options

Table: The nbmariadb command options




Configures the NetBackup client name for redirected restores.


Displays the Help usage, when it is the only option on the nbmariadb command line.


Configures the specified backup using the backup image name.


Configures the MariaDB library path.


Configures the operation type (backup, restore, query, and delete).


Configures the DataStore policy.


Configures the database server port number that identifies the MariaDB instance on which the backup or restore is performed.


Configures the NetBackup schedule.


Configures the NetBackup master server.


Configures the target directory to restore the data.


Configures the database user name.


Configures the LVM snapshot size.