Veritas NetBackup™ 53xx Appliance Initial Configuration Guide

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Product(s): Appliances (4.1)
Platform: NetBackup Appliance OS

Installing NetBackup client software through an NFS share

After all appliance configuration has been completed, you can open an NFS share to install NetBackup client software on the UNIX clients that you plan to use with your configured appliance.

Before the installation, make sure that you have downloaded the NetBackup client software package to the appliance and verified that it exists in the following NFS share:<appliance-name>:/inst/client

NetBackup UNIX client software installation through an NFS share

To install NetBackup client software on a UNIX client through an NFS share

  1. Log on to the primary appliance from the NetBackup Appliance Shell Menu with your administrator credentials.
  2. Add the client host names to the additional servers list of the primary server appliance using the following command:

    Main > Settings > NetBackup AdditionalServers Add

  3. Open the NFS share using the following command:

    Main > Settings > Share ClientInstall Open

  4. On the UNIX client host where you want to install the NetBackup client software, log on as root.
  5. Mount the following NFS share:


  6. On the client, browse the files within the NFS share directory. The following files or directories appear:
    • NetBackup_8.x_CLIENTS2 and/or NetBackup_8.x_CLIENTS1

    • .packages

    • clientconfig

    • quickinstall.exe

    • PC_Clnt

    • docs

    • unix-client-install

  7. On the client, use a text editor to open the following file:


  8. Add one or more media servers from this NetBackup domain to the ADDITIONALSERVERS entry. Use only the host name to specify a media server. Use a comma-separated list if you want to add multiple media servers.



    Media servers that are used for backing up the client hosts are preferred. If you do not know the media servers in this NetBackup domain, run the Main > Settings > NetBackup AdditionalServers Show|ShowAll commands on the primary appliance. You can also check the media servers from the NetBackup Administration Console.

    Save the file and exit the editor.

  9. Create the NetBackup answer file (NBInstallAnswer.conf) in the client /tmp directory.



    More information about the answer file and its contents is available in the NetBackup Installation Guide

  10. Populate NBInstallAnswer.conf with the following information:


    Example (the fingerprint value is wrapped for readability):



    Depending on the security configuration in your NetBackup environment, you may need to add the AUTHORIZATION_TOKEN option to the answer file.

    Additional information about the NetBackup answer file is available:

    See the NetBackup Installation Guide

    Additional information about the CA certificate fingerprint and the authorization token is available:

    See the NetBackup Security and Encryption Guide

  11. Run the unix-client-install script.

    This action installs the NetBackup client software.

  12. Check the following file on the client. Make sure that the bp.conf file contains the media server names you added to the defaults.txt file in Step 8.


  13. On the appliance, close the shared directory using the following command:

    Main > Settings > Share ClientInstall Close

See Downloading NetBackup client packages to a client from a NetBackup appliance.