Veritas NetBackup™ 53xx Appliance Initial Configuration Guide

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Product(s): Appliances (4.1)
Platform: NetBackup Appliance OS

Overview of the initial configuration pages in the NetBackup Appliance Web Console

The NetBackup Appliance Web Console lets you perform the initial configuration through a series of pages where you enter the appropriate information. The following shows each page along with a brief description of the required information.

Welcome to Appliance Setup

This page appears when you log on to an appliance that is not configured. It provides a short summary of the necessary information for the initial configuration.

Figure: Welcome to Appliance Setup

Welcome to Appliance Setup
Password Change

This page is used to change the factory default passwords for the admin, maintenance, and sysadmin (IPMI) user accounts. The initial configuration cannot proceed beyond this page until all default passwords have been changed.

Figure: Password Change page

Password Change page
Storage Overview

This page shows the current status of all system hardware components. This page identifies any component cabling problems between the appliance server and the Primary Storage Shelf or the Expansion Storage Shelf. Disk drive problems are also identified if any exist.

Figure: Storage Overview page for 53xx appliances

Storage Overview page for 53xx appliances
Network Configuration

This page is used to enter your corporate network information. The upper table contains tabs for entering the Interface Properties and the Routing Properties information. The lower table contains drop down tabs that expand to enter the Create Bond, Tag VLAN, and Add Static Route information.

Figure: Network Configuration page

Network Configuration page
Host Configuration

This page is used to enter the host identification information for this appliance. The appliance host name (FQDN and short name), the IP address, and the domain name are all required.

Figure: Host Configuration page

Host Configuration page
Date & Time

This page is used to set the date, the time, and the time zone for the appliance location.

Figure: Date & Time page

Date & Time page
Alerting and Call Home

This page is used to configure system alerts and the Call Home feature for reporting problems.

Figure: Alerting and Call Home page

Alerting and Call Home page

Figure: Registration page