Minimize Risk. Stay Compliant: Information Governance Doesn’t Have to be Complex

Protection August 15, 2023

Leveraging instant messaging and collaboration platforms, users can connect, schedule, meet, chat, call, share, document, and more. These communication tools help us work efficiently and collaboratively. The modern-day “office” is, wherever we are! Location is no longer an obstacle to communication. While this is great progress for the workforce bringing with it many benefits to productivity and work-life balance, it does pose a problem for HR, IT, Legal, and Compliance teams that need to manage remote workers and all these new data sources.

Archiving, whether on-premises or in the cloud, has become a standard workplace practice. Whether it be for monitoring employee activities, complying to industry regulations or managing legal matters, archiving business communications and records is an integral part of risk management. Financial firms have a longer history of compliance regulations that have required archiving and supervision of various types of books and records. As other industries transition to remote work, they are adopting many of the same policies used in financial firms to ensure their corporate data is being properly managed.

Alta Archiving, Alta Capture, Enterprise Vault, and Merge1, with multiple options for deployment and delivery, all your data is managed securely in a unified archive to be managed with next-generation policies and procedures.

Simplify Your Information Governance Strategy

It's no small task to manage and govern all of your business content. Not only is the amount of data that businesses manage increasing exponentially, but the complexity of regulations across every major regulated industry are also growing too. To top it all off, failing to comply with ever-evolving policies can lead to costly fines and lawsuits.

There's no time like the present to simplify your governance program. Legacy systems are expensive and difficult to use. Manual processing is far too time-consuming. It doesn't have to be this hard.

The Veritas Data Compliance and Governance Portfolio offers comprehensive information governance capabilities to help your organization stay ahead of potential threats.

  • Data Resilience: Veritas' solutions ensure the availability and recoverability of critical data, safeguarding against data loss caused by cyberattacks, hardware failures, or human errors.
  • Data Retention: With flexible and efficient data retention policies, you can confidently manage data retention periods in alignment with regulatory requirements and your business needs.
  • Data Governance: Veritas' tools enable you to implement data governance best practices, fostering accountability, and maintaining a clear chain of custody for your organization's data.

The Advantages of a Comprehensive Approach

Veritas' Data Compliance and Governance Portfolio offers numerous benefits to your organization. Our engineering and product teams recently released Pine – a powerful and innovative portfolio release enabling you to examine potential threats with speed, precision, and efficiency. Explore the exciting new features and see firsthand how they can transform your data management strategies:

  • Veritas Alta™ Capture:
    • New Azure Blob target: We've successfully developed and released a new Azure Blob target for Alta Capture, designed to effortlessly handle and store large files that previously posed storage issues. This innovative feature enables customers to configure and automatically send exceptionally large data files to Azure Blob storage, alleviating the need for manual handling and bypassing the size constraints of other targets such as SMTP, EV, M365, etc.
    • Microsoft Teams connector enhancements: Microsoft Teams connector now captures "Praises" and "Approval" metadata and offers enhanced collection metrics.
  • Veritas AltaTM Archiving:
    • Manage Your Own Key (MYOK) provides a new level of security, allowing you to revoke encryption keys whenever.
    • One-Time Password (OTP) grants an additional layer of security beyond our existing options and for users that have not rolled out SSO/MFA yet.
    • Azure AD MFA allows you to enforce other authentication methods to access Alta Archiving resources.
    • Veritas Alta View Dashboard for Compliance & Governance gives you further visibility into your archiving environment so you can better monitor activities.
  • Veritas AltaTM Classification:
    • The Off Channel Signaling Policy can detect off-channel signaling to text, phone, email, and file shares as well as dozens of the most common social media platforms from Amino to WhatsApp.
    • A new feature provided as a beta option that enables better handling for large files for Data Insight will provide customers the ability to separate out the thread handling text extraction from the rest of the classification process.
    • New United States Data Protection Law Policies directly align to new US state-based Privacy legislation.
  • Veritas AltaTM eDiscovery:
    • Ability to upload data directly into Alta eDiscovery via targeted collections.
    • Workflow enhancements – allow for multi-user review by batch size and review status.
    • Export enhancements - include “Original Format” Export Option in eDiscovery.
    • Reporting enhancements – update to reporting and logging features to include additional metadata fields.
  • Veritas Data Insight:
    • Native encrypt of data copied for classification to protect against data leaks and unauthorized access.
    • Scale-out Actionability of Collector servers for faster processing
    • Faster Indexing and reduced disk consumption
    • New Sensitive and Personal Data Detection Classification Policies
    • Support for classification of Microsoft Purview Information Protection (MPIP) content. Microsoft Purview Information Protection (MPIP) integration updated to classify encrypted content ensuring visibility and compliance.

Information Governance provides businesses with a disciplined approach to managing the risks and value associated with information. Veritas offers a comprehensive set of solutions ensuring the highest levels of information governance while effectively managing risk. With our expertise, your organization can confidently navigate the evolving data landscape, delivering both security and compliance peace of mind.

Contact us today to learn more about how Veritas can safeguard your business's data integrity and compliance, paving the way for a prosperous and risk-proof future.

Victor Villegas
Marketing Programs Sr. Director