Digital Compliance in a World of Elevated Threats

见解 September 20, 2021

Digital compliance has become more complex and more challenging during Covid. As remotely-based teams have replaced face-to-face meetings with digital video and communications channels, sensitive, business-critical data is being shared in ever-greater volumes across a multitude of platforms. Simultaneously, data retention requirements have intensified due to regulations, increasing the need for more robust compliance-related policies and governance for enterprises.

We recently invited a panel of experts to our latest Veritas L!VE episode to make sense of this shifting landscape of digital compliance. Joining me [Anthony Cusimano] on our panel were:

  • Eugene Shlyakhta, Territory Manager of Digital Compliance at Veritas  
  • Rick Krieger, Sr. Principal Product Manager at Veritas 
  • Jim McFarland, Security and Compliance Expert

After asking each of our panelists to tell us their desired superpower—flight, time travel, and dog whispering came up—we dove into some of the best practices that companies should be following to stay ahead of digital compliance.

Some of the best discussion was focused around what compliance and IT teams can do to ensure data being shared via communication platforms (e.g. Slack, Zoom, Teams, instant messaging, and text) is being protected, backed up, and meets compliance requirements.

At a high level, you want to identify the content sources, you want to capture them, index them, you want to make them searchable and discoverable. If you’re in a regulated industry, you probably need immutable storage, and do your proper supervision on the content. The key thing is staying ahead of those content sources. The genie is out of the bottle with Covid and remote workers. It’s not going away, and there’s going to be a lot more of that coming forward.” - Rick Krieger
There are always new platforms that people are anxious to embrace, and that’s good. But it’s so important that those things are properly vetted. You have to go through your firm’s technology and make sure they are supported and you can defend those as it relates to regulatory activity. Make sure you’re familiar with your firm’s policies and procedures. Play by the rules. Know what the rules are. If there is another platform you want to bring in, bring it through the appropriate committee. Your activity is going to be monitored. It’s forever, like a tattoo.” - Jim McFarland
The challenge for folks in compliance and supervision that have to review these communications, especially for regulated customers, is having a central location where they’re able to review all these different types of communications. Historically these review activities have been siloed in different systems. The systems that are going to be able to shine are the ones that take all these different communications channels and centralize it into a single repository, so the folks in compliance or security or IT have a single search point for all these different communications channels.” - Eugene Shlyakhta

We also had some great questions, including one from someone interested in how they can get a job at Veritas! Find out more about Veritas careers here:

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