Lighting Up Minds One Short Video at a Time!

华睿泰视角 March 14, 2023

Exciting news! I have joined Veritas to lead our advocacy initiative. Some of you might know me already from my 20+ years of technology evangelism in the industry or even specifically the Data Protection Gumbo podcast

I will be engaging regularly to share best practices and insights, feature the latest news on all things data, chat with other influencers as well as breakdown many of the exciting technology, solutions, and cloud innovations impacting security and data protection.

Besides being more visible online, I also plan to be present and active throughout the industry at events and tradeshows. Something that I really enjoy is getting out and meeting fellow technology enthusiasts. It is one of my favorite parts of my work. So please feel free to drop by to introduce yourself or engage in conversation. Let’s chat about data!

Our big announcement today is the kickoff of our new TL;DR (too long; didn't read) lightboard video series, starting with the following topics:

Episode 1

TL;DR: Series Intro and National Cybersecurity Strategy Overview

In the spirit of TL;DR, let's unpack this hot topic. The National Cybersecurity Strategy was released this month. It’s not a short read. I’ll take those 39 pages and summarize them down into a few key takeaways. Resiliency and zero trust best practices were emphasized primarily, focusing on building security into products and solutions, at the foundational level, versus not just adding them on. Additionally, it is clear that more responsibility will be placed on large organizations and industry leaders to help. Success requires a united approach.   

Episode 2

Immutable Storage Fundamentals

Did you know that not all Immutable Storage is created the same? There are many out there with basic functionality, that can be hacked or compromised. I’ll summarize the fundamentals of Immutable Storage and share what you should prioritize to ensure that your data is safe.

Episode 3

Implementing Zero Trust with Proactive Resiliency

Are you taking advantage of all the resiliency strategies out there? There are so many important ones, but in this video, I will break down all the noise into the top strategies to prioritize.  One might say I will TL;DR all things proactive data resiliency for you.

Have feedback, comments, or ideas? I’d love to hear from you, so leave a comment on the video or even drop a note to suggest future topics. Your input is valued. Hit the subscribe button on our YouTube channel to be notified every time a new video is published.

Demetrius Malbrough
Cloud Advocate
Veritas Tech Channel