Together in Transformation: Four Key Areas for Best-in-Class Data Management

华睿泰视角 February 08, 2023

After more than 30 years of working closely together, Veritas and Fujitsu have developed

incredibly deep bonds that translate into a superior portfolio of solutions.

For our customers, we specialize in delivering joint solutions and services across four key areas: Availability, Protection, Compliance, and Insights.

  • Availability means they can access and draw value from their data where and when it is needed, regardless of whether it is held in their own data center or the cloud.
  • Protection means our customers have peace of mind that their data is defended against the growing threats to their business continuity, including data loss and ransomware.
  • Compliance means implementing the governance structures to ensure that data operations comply with the appropriate laws, regulations, and standards, in turn helping to minimize the organization’s exposure to loss, theft, misuse or compromise, along with the risk of costly fines and reputational damage.
  • Insights means having the tools and processes in place to develop a deep understanding from analyzing the information held within the organization, in turn helping to make better decisions and explore new and innovative solutions.

Working with Veritas and Fujitsu, our customers can leverage a mix of expertise, technology, and services to develop tailor-made solutions for their business problems. We have seamlessly integrated our operations so that customers gain the benefits of simplified planning and budgeting, flexible billing, and single contracts for bundled services, including maintenance and support.

For example, a joint client in the insurance sector was seeking a future-oriented, highly resilient backup system. They wanted to ensure it was cost-effective, easy to administer, and provided a fast backup with the best protection against ransomware in a hybrid cloud environment. Fujitsu and Veritas fulfilled this vision by providing an innovation-rich ecosystem with hardware, software, and services from design to implementation.

Together, we multiply the value we can deliver to customers, doing all we can to help them pursue a data-driven transformation journey. Watch this video to find out what our unique, long-lasting partnership means for the future of data management and business modernization.

Harald Derbsch
Director, Global Fujitsu Alliance
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