Veritas NetBackup™ Appliance Release Notes

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Product(s): Appliances (3.1)

About NetBackup Appliance software upgrades

When a software update release is available, Veritas recommends that you install it to make sure that you have the latest product features and fixes.

When you upgrade appliance software, the update release may install an updated version of the operating system, NetBackup, and all appliance interfaces. All services are shut down automatically when the upgrade begins, and then restarted automatically after all updates have been applied.


If an appliance server is currently at a version earlier than 2.6.1, you cannot upgrade directly to versions 2.7.x or 3.x. You must first upgrade to version 2.6.1.x. For these upgrade scenarios, Veritas highly recommends that you upgrade to version, then proceed with the upgrade to versions 2.7.x or 3.x.

Veritas recommends that you plan your appliance upgrades in advance to help minimize system down time.

The following describes how you should plan for and perform appliance software upgrades:

  • Always schedule upgrades when system activity is at its lowest. Veritas recommends that you suspend all backup and restore operations before starting the upgrade.

  • Before you begin a software update, Veritas recommends that you take certain precautions to avoid loss of connectivity. The computer that you use to upgrade the appliance should be set up so that it does not go to sleep, shut down, lose power, or otherwise lose its network connection. If you lose connectivity during the installation, the operation may fail.

  • An appliance master server must always be at an equal or a later version than any appliance media server that is used with it. The only exception to this rule is if Veritas provides a maintenance release to any major, minor, or software update release. A maintenance release version number is identified with four digits (2.x.x.x).

  • When you upgrade your appliance, you must only use the software updates that are available for the appliance. An appliance software update is a complete package that consists of updates to the appliance, NetBackup, and the operating system components. Veritas does not support appliance upgrades for any of the individual components separately.

  • Appliance master servers must always be upgraded before any appliance media servers are upgraded.

  • The NetBackup appliance version 3.1 upgrade requires at least 100 GB on the configuration volume. Before you start the upgrade, resize the partition. Refer to the NetBackup Appliance Upgrade Guide for more information.

  • Once the upgrade has started, you must let it run until it has completed.


    Veritas recommends that you do not attempt to cancel an upgrade. Otherwise, you may experience unexpected system behavior. For example, backups may fail immediately after a canceled upgrade while the services are restarted. Although this behavior is to be expected, other parts of the system may potentially have been affected.