Veritas™ Smart Meter Getting Started Guide

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Product(s): NetBackup (8.2, 8.1.2)

Manual upload of telemetry information

If your environment does not allow automatic upload of Smart Meter data, you can manually upload the required usage reporting information in the Veritas Smart Meter application. For example, if you have an air-gapped environment, you can use the manual upload method to provide capacity data to Smart Meter. While this method lets you review the information before it is transmitted to Veritas, the data within Smart Meter is not as accurate.

Veritas recommends manually uploading the data at least once a month, more often for larger environments. The usage notifications and monitoring features are most useful when they are current.

To upload Smart Meter data:

  1. Log into Smart Meter with your Veritas Account Manager credentials.
  2. Select License utilization files on the left side of the screen.
  3. In the resulting screen, select Upload files.
  4. Browse to the telemetry files you want to upload. The correct place to find the license utilization files for Smart Meter is:
    • UNIX and Linux: /usr/openv/var/global/incremental/

    • Windows: install_path\Veritas\NetBackup\var\global\incremental

    • File name: hostuuid_startinterval_netbackup_capacity-utilization.json


    This file contains the license utilization information that is necessary for Smart Meter. To see all telemetry information Veritas collects, see:

    See Local repository for telemetry data.

    The older json files were consuming space on the master server. With Veritas 8.2 or later, the older json files will be removed based on the PURGE_INTERVAL parameter in the nbdeployutilconfig.txt file. Ensure that the PURGE_INTERVAL parameter value is such that the json files are available when you have to upload them to the Smart Meter portal.

  5. Select the files you want to upload and click Choose. The files are uploaded to Veritas.
  6. In the License utilization files screen, you see a list of all files that you uploaded to Veritas.




  1. Enable the licensing usage telemetry for Smart Meter by downloading the customer registration key or account ID file for one or more accounts.

  2. After signing in to Smart Meter, you must download the customer registration key or account ID file of your accounts. These files are installed on your local NetBackup master server or servers during installation or upgrade.

    If all your master servers can connect to Smart Meter and send data, install the customer registration key on all of the master servers.

Ensure that you have set up scheduled runs of nbdeployutil, the tool that generates the usage data used by Smart Meter.

  1. If your environment doesn't allow automatic uploads, you can upload telemetry files to Veritas to update Smart Meter.

    Smart Meter lets you manually upload telemetry files so that you can link and review your licensed capacity and usage.

    Ensure that you have set up scheduled runs of nbdeployutil, the tool that generates the usage data used by Smart Meter.

  2. Copy the hostuuid_startinterval_netbackup_capacity-utilization.json files that provides the usage information, from the following location:

    • UNIX: /usr/openv/var/global/incremental

    • Windows: install_path\var\global\incremental


The policy names, client names, and master server names are obfuscated in the file.

Use the License utilization files page to upload the file(s).