Veritas™ Smart Meter Getting Started Guide

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Product(s): NetBackup (8.2, 8.1.2)

Enable Veritas Smart Meter

You must take additional actions to take advantage of the features and functionality of Veritas Smart Meter.

Figure: 4-step registration process for Smart Meter

4-step registration process for Smart Meter

Table: Veritas Smart Meter process flow



Additional details



Log into Smart Meter using your Veritas Account Manager credentials. Download the customer registration key before installation or upgrade. Installations and upgrades cannot proceed without this file.


Smart Meter is compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. Veritas does not recommend using Microsoft Internet Explorer, as it does not render all information correctly.

To download the required customer registration key:

  • Connect to the Veritas Smart Meter portal with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge:

  • Log into the Veritas Smart Meter portal with your Veritas Account Manager account.

  • Smart Meter displays all account IDs that are associated with your account.

  • Select Registration Keys and locate an Account ID that is associated with your account.

  • Use the download option in the Account file column to get that customer registration key.

    If you see multiple files, download the customer registration key that matches the account for the specified master server.


Do not modify the file name of the registration key.

Contact Veritas Support if you cannot log into Smart Meter or download your customer registration key or keys. Support can assist you with the login and download of the customer registration key. If Support is unable to assist you with the download of the customer registration key, they can provide you with a temporary customer registration key file.



Smart Meter requires NetBackup 8.1.2 or later. You must install or upgrade your NetBackup master server to NetBackup 8.1.2 or later. As a part of the install or upgrade process, you must provide the customer registration key.

The NetBackup Upgrade Guide provides comprehensive and detailed information on how to successfully upgrade your master server. You can find the NetBackup Upgrade Guide and other related NetBackup documentation at:

In the Veritas NetBackup Upgrade Guide, refer to the Available NetBackup upgrade methods section for details on upgrade methods.


Post upgrade or install

Associate the appropriate or new customer registration key in NetBackup 8.1.2 or later after upgrade or installation.

  1. Access the following location on the master server:





    Rename or remove the existing customer registration key.

  2. Download the appropriate or new customer registration key or aggregate key from Smart Meter to a temporary location.


    Do not modify the file name of the new registration key.

  3. Open a web browser and go to the following URL:


    The masterserver is the host name or IP address of the NetBackup master server that you want to sign in to.

  4. Enter your credentials and click Sign in.

  5. When you are prompted to upload the customer registration key, select and upload the appropriate key for this master server.

  6. If you installed an aggregate registration key, select the correct registration key for this server from the drop-down list.


    You can also performs steps 5 and 6 from Usage reporting widget on the NetBackup web UI Dashboard.

  7. Configure the license type using the bpsetconfig command.

    More information about configuring the license type is available. See the NetBackup Administrator's Guide Volume II.



Transmit the telemetry data to Veritas.

Environment with multiple master servers

This section is only applicable to capacity licensing. In an environment with multiple master servers, you can configure nbdeployutil on a specific master to collect usage from some or all of your master servers. In this case, only that specific master server needs to be upgraded to 8.1.2 or later. Additionally, you only need to place the customer registration key on that one master server. This server acts as a proxy for all your included master servers and transmits the telemetry information to Veritas. All these master servers must use the same customer identifier.

More information about nbdeployutil is available. See the NetBackup Administrator's Guide Volume II and the NetBackup Commands Reference Guide.