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Important Reminder

If you are a VEMS administrator (you will see a gear-shaped icon in the upper right corner of VEMS if you are an administrator), please log into VEMS frequently to ensure that self-service requests are able to be submitted. If no administrator has logged into your account within the last 6 months, self-service requests will be routed to Customer Care.

This is especially important if you have been granted VEMS administrator access as part of an acquisition.

Full VEMS Article

Please visit to see the full VEMS guide.

VEMS Self-Service: Account Information Changes

VEMS users are now able to self-serve various information change requests in the Account Management section of the Self-service Tools tab:

  • License Relocation Request (change of address only)
  • Account Merge (merging VEMS accounts with similar names into a single account)
  • License Assignment Request (change of license ownership)

How it Works

  1. Select the appropriate request type. VEMS includes descriptions of each request type and a link to policies that explain each request type in detail.
  2. Complete the appropriate web form. NOTE: At this time, users with Japanese as their selected language will be prompted to download .doc versions of these forms in Japanese.
  3. Print and sign the completed form. License Assignment Request and License Relocation Request forms must be physically signed.
  4. Attach the signed form
  5. Submit the completed and signed form. This will automatically create a case for further processing.




VEMS Self-Service: Access, Privilege, and Certificate Reprint Requests.

VEMS users are now able to self-serve for the following items:

  • Requesting access to new accounts
  • Requesting license certificate reprints
  • Requesting changes to privileges in existing accounts

How it works

  1. Log into
    • You will need to create a login if you do not have an account
  2. Click Licensing to open VEMS
  3. Click Self-service Tools
  • User Management
    • This section is used to request access to accounts
    • Clicking User Management in the Self-service tab will allow you to see existing requests and their statuses
    • Clicking New Request in the User Management section will allow you to search for a new account to request access. You can search by service contract number, sales order number, entitlement ID, appliance serial number, account number, and IB instance number
    • You will be asked to select a privilege level when requesting account access
      • If the email address you use to log into has the same domain as an end-user contact on an existing order, you will be granted automatic Support privilege allowing you to open technical support cases for products that are under active maintenance on that account
      • For privileges above Support, or if your email domain does not match that of an existing end-user contact, your request will be routed to VEMS administrators on that account for approval
      • A full description of VEMS privileges is available at
  • Request Account Privilege Changes
    • This section is used to request different privileges on accounts that you already have access to
    • A list of accounts that you already have access to and your current privileges will be displayed
    • Select a new privilege from the drop-down and click Submit Request to request a different privilege from your VEMS administrator
  • Certificate Reprints
    • This section allows the following users to obtain license certificate reprints:
      • Users whose email addresses match the domain of an original recipient. This includes end-users and partners who received the original license certificate
      • Veritas employees
      • Users who have been granted access to the account that owns the entitlement
    • Certificate reprint requests from other users will be routed to the VEMS administrator for that account
    • Users with generic email addresses (,, etc.) will not be able to self-serve license certificate reprints.

Administrator Responsibilities

You can see whether you currently have administrator rights by looking for the gear-shaped Administration icon in the upper right corner of VEMS.

VEMS administrators are responsible for approving/denying incoming requests from other users. This has always been the case, but requests have previously been routed from the requester to the VEMS administrator through Veritas Customer Care.

In each Self-service section, administrators are presented with a list of requests and have icons for Approve, Deny, and Administrators (used to see a list of the other administrators on the account.


Administrators are also presented with the option to include a response to the requester when denying requests.

Administrators have four days to approve or deny requests. Three reminder emails will be sent, and on the fourth day, the requester will be advised that the request has not been acted upon and the request will be rejected due to lack of response. Users whose email addresses match the correct domain will be provided with a list of VEMS administrators. Other users will not be informed who the VEMS administrators are for that account.

Current VEMS administrators may appoint additional administrators as needed. Other users needing administrator access may either use self-service, or existing administrators may add them following the instructions at

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