Don’t Be Ruined by Ransomware

Insights December 21, 2022

Ransomware is in your organization's network. Within minutes your face is flush, and you can feel your skin temperature rising. Not only are the holiday bliss vibes gone, but your emotions are climbing fast. Is this going to completely ruin your time off? Can you orchestrate a successful disaster recovery plan with enough time to still enjoy the holidays? Do you have a successful disaster recovery plan in place? How soon before the CEO descends on you?


As you can imagine, this is not only encroaching on your holiday hours but also bleeding over your 9-5 work hours. This is now an all-hands-on-deck matter, and the clock is no longer counting down to the holidays but counting up to the time these hackers have had access to your network, data: everything. Calls, instant messages, and e-mails are all exploding as you are assessing the impact of the attack. Now, more than ever, emotion and human error can interfere, especially when you don’t have a solid recovery plan in place to help automate and streamline this rescue operation.


What should you focus on?

There can be a lot going through your head right now and with a plan in place to orchestrate this recovery, you can start with the following:

  • Data Visibility: Where does all of your data live? Where do the backups live? Is it encrypted? Encrypted in transit and at rest? When was your last backup run? How much dark data do you have? Visualize your risks, prioritize your sensitive files, and optimize your compliance.


  • Immutable Storage: How vulnerable is your data? Do you have a zero-trust policy? Can your data be messed with or do you deploy immutable storage to protect your data from being changes, encrypted, or deleted.


  • Malware Scanning: If you have a successfully deployed malware scanning tool, you would be able to identify the hack in optimal time to reduce impact. Are you aware of when and how the ransomware got into your infrastructure? How would you find out today?


  • Recovery: You’ve been hacked, and what matters now is the impact. How quickly can you recover? How much data will be impacted? Can you isolate the ransomware? Do you have a cyber recovery plan in place that you have been regularly testing so that this moment doesn’t ruin your holiday?


Time is ticking until your organization is targeted from cybercriminals. Are you planning for ransomware recovery correctly?


Be ready to orchestrate resiliency for your organization.

Not only must every organization, supplier, and customer prioritize cyber security and best practices, but they must also optimize their entire environment for resiliency. IT leaders need smart, intelligent, and automated tools.  

Veritas has taken the guesswork out of the equation and developed a quick cyber assessment tool to help you get a quick view on how prepared your organization is for handling a cyber-attack. 

Click here to take our quiz and once you have your score, make sure to connect with a technical expert to get a more thorough, hands-on analysis of your organization’s ransomware recovery strengths and weaknesses. 

Christina Mascaro
Risk and Resiliency Advocate