Strengthened Ransomware Resiliency with NetBackup 8.3

Protection August 20, 2020

During this challenging time, as we all navigate this global pandemic and the resulting economic impact of it, data protection and recovery are more important than ever.

On July 28, we announced the latest and greatest release of NetBackup, version 8.3. This release expands beyond data protection and recovery by helping our customers standardize across their environment, greatly reducing complexity and risk regardless of workload or cloud. The NetBackup 8.3 release brings additional features to help customers strengthen their resiliency in the face of the unknown and the unexpected, such as an economic crisis, a global pandemic, shifting regulations, malware and ransomware—all are top of mind for our customers.

Let’s dive into the new features providing ransomware and operational resiliency. NetBackup 8.3 provides:

  • Proactive resiliency for applications across your heterogeneous environments via the integration of NetBackup and Resiliency Platform using both near-real-time data replication and a combination of replication and NetBackup AIR with orchestrated recovery.
  • Expanded ransomware protection that prevents access of backup data with hardened NetBackup Appliances and vendor-agnostic immutability for storage using NetBackup OpenStorage Technology (OST) (see Figure 1).
    • The NetBackup immutable storage server with Flex Appliances will leverage this new capability in future Flex software releases.
    • Several third-party immutable storage partners are also working to update their OST interface to take advantage of this new functionality.
  • A seamless, secure infrastructure supporting 2048-bit encryption with Veritas-issued certificates and support for third-party key management systems (KMSs), providing the freedom to choose the encryption that works best for your environment.

As we have learned, it is not a matter of if you will be attacked with ransomware, but when. Everyone is equally vulnerable to ransomware. It is predicted that in 2021, an organization will get hit with a ransomware attack every 11 seconds.1 As the saying goes, ‘prepare for that rainy day’ you need to be prepared—and that is why with NetBackup, part of the Veritas Enterprise Data Services Platform, our customers are empowered with tools and resources to be resilient against any threat that may come their way.

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