Veritas and Pure Storage Strategic Partnership

Helping multi-cloud enterprises gain agility and speed.


Strategic solutions to modernize data protection.

Veritas™ Flex 5340 Appliance with Pure Storage® FlashBlade™ Right-Sized Recovery for Enterprise Workloads

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Veritas™ Flex 5340 Appliance with Pure Storage® FlashBlade™ Best Practices and Deployment

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Increase Ransomware Resiliency with Veritas Technologies and Pure Storage

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Veritas InfoScale and Pure Storage FlashArray

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Veritas and Pure Storage are changing the data protection landscape

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Veritas Access 3340 Appliance for Long Term Retention of Pure Storage® FlashArray™ Snapshots

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Protect Pure Storage Flash Arrays with Veritas NetBackup

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Why choose Veritas and Pure Storage?

Veritas and Pure Storage help multi-cloud enterprises gain agility and speed with integrated snapshot-based protection for scale-out data in flash arrays.

With Veritas NetBackup and CloudPoint integration, organizations can achieve more aggressive Recovery Time Objectives (RTO), and realize high-performance data protection for their data in flash arrays.

About Veritas

Veritas Technologies is the leader in the global enterprise data protection and software-defined storage market. We help the most important enterprises in the world, including 97 percent of the global Fortune 100, back up and recover their data, keep it secure and available, guard against failure and achieve regulatory compliance. As enterprises modernize their IT infrastructure, Veritas delivers the technology that helps them reduce risks and capitalize on their data.


About Pure Storage

Pure Storage (NYSE: PSTG) helps innovators build a better world with data. Pure's data solutions enable SaaS companies, cloud service providers, and enterprise and public sector customers to deliver real-time, secure data to power their mission-critical production, DevOps, and modern analytics environments in a multi-cloud environment. One of the fastest growing enterprise IT companies in history, Pure Storage enables customers to quickly adopt next-generation technologies, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, to help maximize the value of their data for competitive advantage. And with a certified NPS customer satisfaction score in the top one percent of B2B companies, Pure's ever-expanding list of customers are among the happiest in the world.



Customer Benefits

  • Increased agility and speed with integrated snapshot-based protection for scale-out data in flash arrays with the integration of Veritas NetBackup and Veritas CloudPoint.
  • Optimized RPO and RTO for even the most critical and highly transactional applications from Pure Storage parallel architecture.
  • Improved data recovery with consistent, more reliable point-in-time copies with NetBackup and CloudPoint integration with Pure Storage.
  • Faster backup at peak performance with NetBackup and CloudPoint integration without lengthy snapshot windows and application time-outs.