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Capture everything. Stay compliant. Get more value from your data.

Capture all digital communications in native format, threaded together in full conversational context for compliance and eDiscovery peace of mind.  Merge1 is the leading enterprise capture solution for the modern workforce across chat, file sharing, social media, mobile/SMS, collaboration, and voice channels directly from the source. Merge1 supports all native mode displays into any archive.

As more and more business communications take place over new digital media, capturing these communications has become essential for:

  • Compliance with industry regulations, including financial services and healthcare.
  • Support of eDiscovery efforts for legal discovery and investigations.
  • Retention of communications for corporate governance and other mandates.


Merge1 seamlessly integrates into Veritas Enterprise Vault™ and Veritas™ Enterprise to extend archiving broadly to data sources most relevant to your regulatory compliance, internal policies, and eDiscovery initiatives.


Key Benefits

  • Extensive data source support - Capture more than 120 popular message types, including social media, instant messaging, mobile communications, financial platforms, file sharing, and cloud-based content.
  • Centralized archive and discovery of all content - Streamline eDiscovery and supervision processes by centralizing all captured data from Merge1 into a single archive repository— Enterprise Vault or Enterprise or any archive platform.
  • Capture confidently – Common platform with deep understanding of many content sources allows you to confidently capture and manage unstructured information in a consistent manner.
  • Stay Compliant - Improve compliance with industry and government regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), MiFID II, FINRA, SEC 17-a4, HIPPA, FOIA, and many others by capturing relevant electronic content beyond email.

Download the 10-day trial version today by completing the registration form on the right and accepting the applicable software license agreement.  Contact your Veritas sales representative to extend your trial period or to purchase Merge1 and move your trial version to production by applying your purchased license.