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Protection August 24, 2021

I remember October 21, 2012 like it was yesterday, watching the news with my family in preparation for what was to come, Hurricane Sandy, “Superstorm Sandy” making its way up the East Coast of the United States. As a born and raised New Yorker­–and sustainability advocate– I had never experienced a storm like this in my lifetime. Our family home is close to the water, and one of our immediate concerns was the rising water level. To prepare for what could come our way, we needed to strategize on what we could do to limit the impact. We went to a nearby beach and filled up bags with sand to place them by our garage to minimize the effect of any water entering our home. Working through the hours to take precautions and the feeling of uncertainty increased as the hours grew closer to when Hurricane Sandy would arrive–it certainly was not a warm welcome.

Credit to Mark Wilson/Getty Images (CNN)

Hurricane Sandy was one of the most disruptive and strongest hurricanes that we had ever seen, affecting 24 states on the Eastern Coast of the U.S. and affecting Canada and the Caribbean as well (CNN). Precious lives were lost, and the effect of the hurricane took an emotional and financial toll. 

According to NOAA’s (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) National Centers for Environmental Information, it caused an estimated $74.1 billion in damages. The ability to be aware of the force of nature that would come our way was essential for our safety. My family and I acknowledged the potential ‘what if’ scenarios that helped us prepare and keep safe as best as possible.

As important as preparing for a physical disruptive force, it is as important to prepare for a cyber threat. We live in a digitally-driven world, and we depend on technology. Industries today of all sizes and types—government institutions, financial companies, healthcare providers—have to deal with providing quality of service and managing and mitigating the effects of cybercrimes. 

Combat the threat of ransomware with Veritas.

According to Cybersecurity Ventures, by 2031, a business will fall victim to a ransomware attack every two seconds. That attack will cost its victims more than US$265 billion annually, making ransomware the fastest-growing type of cybercrime. It is ever so pertinent that businesses of all types and sizes have a strategy in place to protect against ransomware, detect any anomalies that infiltrate, and recover their valuable data quickly so that they can be up and running.

Luckily, Veritas provides a comprehensive, multi-layered protect, detect, and recover cybersecurity strategy. 


The first line of defense is to ensure your critical and most important asset—data—and your IT infrastructure are protected from the unknown and unexpected. Don’t place your data at risk or leave it vulnerable.

Veritas NetBackup offers the most comprehensive support from edge to core to cloud, meaning your environment is always protected and recoverable.

We focus on data integrity to help ensure backup files remain safe and untouched from malicious invaders.

NetBackup protects all your valuable information with:


Malicious invaders are continuously evolving their tactics and creating techniques to bypass even the most vigilant security, which is why being able to identify any threats that have breached is key.

NetBackup’s artificial intelligence-powered anomaly detection with continuous monitoring and infrastructure awareness provides a single, comprehensive view across all storage, backup, and cloud vendors.


When faced with ransomware speed-to-recovery is essential and avoid paying the ransom.

NetBackup eliminates the gaps in your resiliency strategy, ensuring at-scale recovery and near-zero RPO, RTO, and downtime.

With Veritas NetBackup:

As I think about the leaders today responsible for the success and wellbeing of their employees, business, and customers, I ponder on how they are protecting their ‘home’: people, IT infrastructure, data and business. Just like how my family and I braced for Hurricane Sandy’s impact by protecting our home, each other, and strategizing for what was to come as well as acknowledging the unknowns. In all of our lifetime, we are seeing the effects of climate change, the pandemic, the increased risk of cyberattacks, and the consequences of our actions on the world and in our lives.

With ransomware, it is not a matter of if you will be attacked, but when.

Veritas NetBackup was developed with resiliency at top of mind, providing a single, unified platform to help you protect IT systems and data integrity, detect by monitoring and mitigating and recover quickly with automation and orchestration­–enabling you to be prepared and ready for that storm.

We empower you to be business and operational resilient.

Learn more by visiting veritas.com/NetBackup and read more about our resiliency strategy.

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