Microsoft Azure Benefits You Should Know About

Protection September 02, 2022

Microsoft Azure benefits its customers by offering advantages that competing storage options don’t. Cloud computing with Veritas is the only way to handle archive storage today effectively and safely. Veritas Alta™ SaaS Protection is built on Azure providing customers with all of the Azure benefits.

Microsoft Azure Benefits

Microsoft Azure is a public cloud service and one of the most popular storage options among IT professionals.

The reason is simple: Microsoft Azure offers key advantages that none of its competitors can even come close to.

In the areas of security, the international economy, recovery, and taking advantage of the Internet of Things, if you don’t have Microsoft Azure your cloud is not being utilized to its full potential.


Hacking is one of the greatest risks businesses face in the digital world.

Hacking can cost businesses billions of dollars each year, and that’s not even taking into account the damage password and data theft can have on the relationship between you and your customers.

IT experts know that most people and businesses are less safe on the web than they would hope.

Azure benefits businesses looking for safety from the menace of hacking by being more secure than any other cloud computing platform on the market.

This is because Azure’s log in allows users to avoid storing passwords by using a social media network like LinkedIn.

If you’re concerned with password security, take advantage of Azure Single Sign-On, which allows users to sign on to the cloud using an organizational password instead of individual passwords.

Both of these features greatly enhance cyber security.

A Global Cloud

Microsoft Azure is active in regions all around the world. Why should you care?

You should care because running a business today means being part of a global exchange of creators and customers.

Having your cloud active globally will allow you, your employees, and your clients to have an easy and productive experience with your data around the world.

Azure benefits anybody who wants their cloud to be able to keep up with their growth.

Whether it’s a meeting with investors in New York or the opening of a new office in Tokyo, you never know where business today might take you.


$1.7 trillion is lost per year due to data loss. Professionals in every field believe tech disasters will never happen to them. IT pros cannot be that arrogant.

If you aren’t prepared in the era of cloud computing, you could be putting your business itself on the line.

The more years you spend in the industry, the more likely it is you’ll fall victim to a big crash. So, make sure your cloud solution is crashproof.

Azure benefits businesses looking to protect their data in the era of cloud computing by offering comprehensive recovery options for all your sensitive data.

IoT Integration

The “Internet of Things” is more than just a buzzword. It defines how we interact with the internet today.

IoT can be anything from a machine on an assembly line connecting to an innovation department in real-time to a piece of wearable technology letting the makers of a fitness app know just how to make a customer faster.

If your cloud can’t handle this capability, your business can be missing out on one of the most effective potential consumer outreach and product improvement methods there is.

With industries from automotive to retail taking advantage of the IoT, IT professionals for companies in any field can be assured that if their company doesn’t take advantage of the Internet of Things, their competitors will.

Azure benefits users looking to take advantage of this changing face of online interaction with an incredible special feature.

The Azure IoT Hub allows for communication between your servers and any IoT-based technology your company uses.


This will allow you to gather data more accurately and transfer it more quickly, making it one of the best IT solutions for companies looking to save time or money.

Available Support

If you’re looking for a company to get a hold of, the bigger the better.

Microsoft is one of the biggest tech giants in the world. And in terms of pure numbers, that means Azure benefits your company by giving you access to 24/7 support for your cloud computing needs.

And if you need to make that consultation in-person, Microsoft has support personnel available all over the world. For IT professionals and businesses, this support network is at your disposal through a support center exclusively for IT professionals.


Analytics are the backbone of a modern business. And Microsoft Azure benefits anybody looking for better and faster analytics from their cloud.

Stream analytics allows you to analyze data in the Azure cloud in real-time and on demand.

The language used by Stream is simple, and it is IoT compatible. If you can’t find the right code for the scenario you want to analyze, you can use custom code for Stream.

Taking advantage of your cloud means taking advantage of data. And Azure is one of the best cloud systems to do that with.

Take Azure to The Next Level with Veritas

Azure benefits business owners by providing some of the best cloud-based computing solutions in the areas of IoT integration, data recovery, security, and leveraging a global cloud.

But even after you get Azure, you can still do far more to take it to the next level.

At Veritas, we provide several upgrades to your Azure experience that will take your company to the next level.

Our customers enhance the ease and convenience of running their business. Whether it’s using our Compliance Archive to fulfill legal requirements without stress, or taking advantage of the most secure cloud-based archive on the market, we love to make things more convenient for IT professionals.

Try out a personalized demo of Veritas Alta SaaS Protection if you want to put these claims to the test. And if you want more advice on how to build the IT powerhouse you’ve always dreamed of, check out our website.

Geoff Bourgeois
Chief Cloud Strategist