Data Driven Mobility: End-to-End Data Management for the Automotive Industry

Veritas Perspectives March 16, 2023

Join Veritas and Fujitsu at this year’s Car IT Symposium to discover the future of automotive data.

I do not need to tell you this, but a car is no longer just a simple mode of transportation. In recent years, it has become a hub of mobility, connectivity, and personalization. It is like a smart device on wheels, constantly evolving and improving, bringing new features and functions with every update.

As we shift towards a more connected and data-driven world, managing the vast amounts of information generated by cars and it´s users are becoming increasingly challenging. From driving performance and maintenance data to location and navigation data even reaching to all the personalized data from the users, there is an endless stream of information flowing in and out of cars every second. That is where Veritas and Fujitsu come in – our partnership can help manage automotive data effectively and protect it from potential threats, ensuring a safe and secure car rental or ownership experience.

Cars are also connection points to the wider world. With the rise of the Internet of Things, cars are becoming an integral part of our connected infrastructure, playing a vital role in keeping our society and planet sustainable. Effective data management can help reduce accidents, streamline traffic flow, and even enable drivers to alert others about road incidents.

The future of cars is set to bring rapid changes in technology and data points, with innovations such as lasers and infrared sensors, cameras, and light detection and ranging (LIDARs) already transforming the industry. As we move towards full autonomy and e-mobility, the demand for data management and processing will only continue to grow. With Veritas and Fujitsu, automotive companies can rest assured that their data is in safe hands.

So, fasten your seatbelts, as they say. Join me, Harald Derbsch, and Fujitsu’s René Huebel as we explore this topic in greater detail at the Car IT Symposium at BMW World on 29 March at 14:05h CET where we will set the scene with a keynote presentation about the future of automotive data management end-to-end.

I hope to see you there!

Harald Derbsch
Director, Global Fujitsu Alliance
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