The Perfect Compliance Storm in the EU

Thursday May 30th at 10am CET

Length: 30 min

The Perfect Compliance Storm in the EU

About the session

In recent years, the world of IT has been under attack. Data is worth more than gold and we have seen major impacts from attacks affecting society – to the extent of risking lives. Because of this, the European Parliament has been focusing the last couple of years to strengthen cyber resiliency and minimize the risks for the region. This climate change in IT is creating the perfect compliance storm within the EU.

The introduction of all the directives (NIS2, CER, and DORA) signifies a paradigm shift toward more proactive risk management. The European Parliament’s commitment to ensuring a safer, more resilient Europe is clear. What should you know about the directives and why? Let us help to summarise and help you to navigate thru.

Join us on Thursday, May 30th at 10am CET.



Magnus Mårtensson, Technical Sales Engineer, Veritas Technologies

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