Veritas™ Application Mobility Service Accelerate your time to cloud value

Veritas™ Application Mobility Service - Accelerate your time to value to the cloud.
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Moving applications from on-premises to the cloud is a risky, complex, and time-consuming process.

For qualified InfoScale customers:  Veritas provides a value-added service to automate the migration of your applications by providing these services:

  • Discover: Automatic discovery of your existing applications, their dependencies, and configuration details
  • Create: Uses the information discovered to guide the creation of a customized migration plan using best practices to ensure success
  • Provision: Execute this plan and automatically provision the appropriate cloud resources and resiliency scheme
  • Migrate: After the applications are installed, the application data is replicated to the cloud
  • Verify: Confirm that your cloud environment meets your application goals as your production environment continues to run without disruption

Congratulations, you're on your way to the cloud.