Open Source data protection

Replace outdated processes to decrease costs and recovery time.  


Modernising data protection

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Gartner Magic Quadrant

Veritas named a 14-times Leader in the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Center Backup and Recovery Solutions.


Web-based apps require new protection.

Protect data today and tomorrow.

Traditional relational databases (RDBMS) were designed for complex ERP applications, but most organisations have moved to web-based applications that require new management and protection techniques. To meet these enterprise demands, Open Source databases have emerged as a viable alternative already used by 95 percent of IT organisations for their mission-critical applications.

Veritas NetBackup provides data protection for Open Source workloads with a future-proof data protection strategy that eliminates extra steps and reduces resources.


With NetBackup 8.2 and MySQL agent, you can:

Lower costs

Simplify backups

Improve RPO

  • Eliminating unnecessary space, management and procedures can lower your storage costs by 50 percent. 

  • NetBackup + MySQL agent integration delivers strategic, next-generation data protection. 

  • Reduce management resources by one-third by simplifying backups. 

  • NetBackup’s agentless framework replaces the previous lengthy process of backing up a database, dumping backup files into intermediate storage, and then sweeping them into backup storage. 

  • Eliminating multiple methods and third-party tools can improve RPO/RTO by 50 percent. 

  • NetBackup uses an efficient framework that catalogues and indexes data for fast retrieval of point-in-time historical data. 


NetBackup for Open Source or traditional.  

Join the Open Source revolution.  

Industry analysts report that by 2019, 10 percent of overall DBMS spend will come from open source and be worth $35B. Whether your RDBMS is traditional or open source, NetBackup can protect them by providing:

  • A way to harness the speed and economics of open source RDBMS. 
  • Agentless, plug-in architecture for fast, easy, on-demand deployment. 

  • New workload support with open APIs for third-party integration. 

  • Plug-ins for MySQL, MariaDB, PostreSQL and SQLite workloads, and OpenStack capabilities built into NetBackup 8.2. 




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