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Modernising data protection

ESG and Veritas discuss how the right data protection solution today can prepare you for tomorrow's business demands

Gartner Magic Quadrant

Veritas named a 14-times Leader in the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Center Backup and Recovery Solutions.

Protecting Big Data Environments

NetBackup can help you cut storage space by two-thirds, save on storage costs and achieve 3x the backup performance


Data growth demands highly scalable solutions.

Protecting unstructured data at scale.


Hyperconverged infrastructures (HCIs) can house critical data and applications while simplifying deployment and management. These HCI workloads – large, growing amounts of unstructured data – must be protected efficiently for backup, archiving and recovering activities.


But to do so requires a modern data protection approach that supports scale-out, multi-node workloads with on-demand, plug-in simplicity and installed on dynamically scaled backup hosts.


NetBackup with Parallel Technology, combined with Nutanix, simplifies modern workload backup and recovery, while ensuring high scalability and performance both on-premises and in the cloud.




With an integrated Hyperconverged storage solution you can:

Streamline IT

Eliminate gaps

Optimise backups

  • Manage a single stack that handles all facets of a HCI environment. 
  • NetBackup integrates with purpose-built solutions like Nutanix AHV to meet the demands of complex HCI environments.
  • Ensure holistic, efficient data protection in highly virtualised HCI environments. 
  • NetBackup eliminates the coverage gaps created by multiple products with a unified data protection solution.
  • Take a consistent, infrastructure-agnostic approach to long-term data protection. 

  • NetBackup’s automated discovery feature optimises backup performance and supports heterogeneous environments. 


The benefits of a single console.

Fast, simple data protection.

HCIs relieve the burden of architecting high-performance and efficient virtual environments. They're easy to deploy, scale and manage from a single console. For modern hyperconverged data protection, NetBackup integrated with leading hypervisors including Nutanix AHV and RedHat KVM provides:

  • Dynamic scalability to meet the demands of large HCIs. 
  • Protection for large, scale-out, multi-node architectures with agentless, parallel streaming backup and recovery. 
  • A plug-in for Nutanix, and RedHat KVM capabilities built into NetBackup 8.2.


"The need to simplify management, reduce TCO and lower CapEx are the main benefits of HCI cited by potential buyers."

- TechTarget, Modernised Data Protection for HCI Workloads, 2018




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