Veritas and Hitachi integrations & strategic partnership

Discover the true value of your data.


A strategic alliance for smarter data decisions

The Veritas and Hitachi Vantara alliance works to incorporate the highest value solutions to drive new value in data protection and management. Together, Veritas and Hitachi offer complementary, compatible solutions that span on-premise data centres, private cloud and public cloud to ensure consistency and efficiency throughout the data lifecycle – from ingress to short-term storage, to backup and long-term archiving.


Enterprise data protection and long-term retention

Vast amounts of data in the modern enterprise make it exceedingly challenging to protect valuable business information. The alliance between Veritas, the leader in data protection technology, and Hitachi Vantara, the leader in long-term data storage, provides a truly scalable, integrated, end-to-end backup and disaster-recovery solution that is designed to meet the demands of any data-intensive organisation.


Migration and disaster recovery

As leaders in the data management and storage industries, Veritas and Hitachi Vantara work together to provide a technology-agnostic approach that helps you protect and manage your data regardless of its location – whether on-premises or in the cloud. Offered as a complete software and hardware solution, the Veritas and Hitachi Vantara Migration and Disaster Recovery (DR) Services leverage the Veritas Resiliency Platform (VRP) to enable migration to and from any cloud.


Software defined backup-as-a-service

This full‐featured solution enables service providers to create a standalone managed backup service or add to a storage‐as‐a‐service offering to more seamlessly manage customer data. Save your customers from the escalating challenges of creating a backup solution on their own by offering them a managed backup‐as‐a‐service (BaaS) solution provided by Veritas and Hitachi Vantara.



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