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Luxury Brand and Retail Company

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Luxury Brand and Retail Company




Corporate SLAs require three copies of all data backups; Backup solution did not provide reporting capability to validate backup duplications; Lack of confidence in the backup process across the company; Backup administrators spent 15 hours per week validating backup duplications for stakeholders


The retailer deployed Veritas APTARE Backup Manager across all their data centers to obtain visibility across their entire backup environment and automated and accurate reports on backup status, backup completion dates, expiration dates, backup policy names, locations of duplications, media type, and storage unit names.


With Veritas APTARE Backup Manager, the reporting process is now automated. The Backup Duplication Report shows that all backups are completed for all copies of data, enabling the IT team to regain hundreds of hours in productivity, and saving the retailer tens of thousands of dollars a year.