Data drags. Information works.

Organizations across the globe are guilty of storing too much junk data. A perennial fear of missing out has skewed organizational decision-making toward holding onto everything without ever evaluating if it makes sense or not. When data volumes go up—visibility goes down—and risk exposure skyrockets. Organizations that remain loyal to this outdated approach are seeing a negative Return on Information and jeopardizing the reputation of their organization. It’s time to turn the equation around. It’s time for a better ROI.

Veritas delivers an integrated information governance solution that delivers a three-step approach for accelerating your ROI: Gain Visibility, Take Action, and Assume Control. With a true understanding of your data, you can start to make informed decisions about retaining, protecting, and deleting. With less junk cluttering the picture, organizations can start to focus their energy on leveraging their most valuable information to boost their competitive advantage. It’s time to leave junk data behind and put your best information to work.

Integrated insights for the Information Enterprise

Point products deliver narrow results. With runaway data growth dramatically boosting the effort required to effectively manage enterprise data across its lifecycle, it’s become clear that organizations need an integrated approach.

Successful organizations fuse metadata insights together with a policy-driven management console to not only understand their organization’s evolving information footprint, but unleash the valuable information within it. These pioneering organizations are developing into the leaders of the next-generation. They are becoming the Information Enterprise.

The Global Databerg Report: See what others don’t

The Global Databerg survey reveals exclusive findings from one of the largest independent research reports into organizational data management.

Covering 2,550 senior IT decision makers across 22 countries, the study reveals attitudes and behaviors fueling the data explosion – and what Veritas can do to help.

Global Databerg Reports

Empower decision-making with Veritas Information Governance

Veritas offers an integrated portfolio of solutions providing real-time insight into an organization’s information footprint, and empowering information leaders to make decisions about what to protect and what to delete.

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Information Governance Products

Data Insight

Data Insight is a file analysis solution that provides the tracking and reporting necessary to deliver organizational accountability for file usage and security.

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eDiscovery Platform

eDiscovery Platform arms investigators with a single solution to streamline regulatory requests and solve challenges across the entire eDiscovery lifecycle.

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Enterprise Vault

Veritas Enterprise Vault: our purpose-built retention management platform lets you execute diverse strategies to quickly and easily meet business and regulatory information retention requirements

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Information Map

Information Map provides multi-cloud data visibility to help organisations better understand and control their fragmented data estate.

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