The challenge

The 3rd largest private bank in Turkey,Yapı Kredi was successfully using both Veritas Enterprise Vault™ and Veritas NetBackup™, but its tape-based solution for long-term retention of backup data needed an overhaul.

The solution

To comply with Turkish banking regulations, Yapı Kredi deployed a pair of Veritas Access Appliances to store its data. Retentions ranged from 1 to 20 years, depending on the type of data.

The outcome

In addition to improving confidence that the bank is meeting regulatory requirements, the solution has reduced the data protection burden on Yapı Kredi staff, cut power consumption by 20 percent, and greatly improved both the speed and the reliability of data recovery and restores.

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At a glance

100% success of data recovery and data restores

Substantial reduction in staff time required to manage data protection environment

Much faster access to data held in long-term storage

20% reduction in power consumption

Products / services used