The challenge

Regulatory compliance requires PRODUBANCO to store backups of certain types of data for up to 15 years. However, its legacy, tape-based data protection solution failed to provide adequate visibility to enable the bank to manage long-term retention periods with any precision.

The solution

PRODUBANCO migrated to a Veritas data protection solution, with a Veritas Access Appliance for long-term retention of backups.

The outcome

PRODUBANCO has been using Veritas data protection solutions for three years. The bank also began migrating its legacy tape-based backups to disk-based storage in a Veritas Access Appliance. The shift has brought numerous benefits, including 85 percent faster data restores and streamlined disaster recovery.

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At a glance

85% reduction in recovery time for core banking system from 48 hours to 7 hours

Data recovery for other physical and virtual machines reduced from a few hours to mere minutes

Acceleration in nightly backups improves success rate

Streamlined recovery in the event of a disaster

Products / services used