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Get visibility into everything with predictive analytics software for multi-vendor backup, storage and virtual infrastructures.


Analytics for Hybrid Cloud Environments

APTARE IT Analytics delivers actionable insights through a single-pane-of-glass.

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A multi-vendor IT analytics solution is the answer to gaining flexibility, reducing cost, improving performance and more.

Software for hybrid IT environments

One database. One user experience. One agent-less platform.

APTARE IT Analytics is the only IT analytics software to offer unified insights for all major storage, backup and virtual infrastructures through a single pane-of-glass in both on-premises and multi-cloud environments. Only APTARE can provide:

  • Unified visibility and insights.
  • Centralised control.
  • Advanced analytics.
  • Minimised risk.
  • Data centre optimisation.


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New in APTARE IT Analytics 10.3

  • Support for Veeam, Oracle RMAN, Cohesity, Rubrik, ECS, Unity and Hyper-V.
  • Receive alerts and trigger automation based on data collected from your infrastructure, reducing time to resolution.
  • Get new insights and faster root cause analysis with Alert Trending and drill-down reporting.
  • Set rules specific to your environment based on historical data.


Use cases


Data centre optimisation

Streamline backup auditing and reporting
APTARE IT Analytics Backup Manager allows administrators to view all attempted backups and delivers insights to solve backup problems such as:

  • Unprotected data discovery – reduces the exposure of unprotected data by automatically identifying clients and data sets that aren’t protected under a backup policy.
  • Suspect backups identification – eliminates “false positives” by identifying partial or failed backups that report as successful by the backup software.




Storage Optimisation

Effectively manage data storage resources and fully utilise available storage
The APTARE IT Analytics Storage Management Suite helps administrators gain insight into actual consumption of resources, so they can reclaim unused storage, reduce consumption and increase resource utilisation. The Storage Management Suite is made up of three core products:

  1. Capacity Manager—Provides end-to-end storage capacity reporting from hosts to storage arrays, enabling increased storage efficiency.
  2. Fabric Manager—Provides confident forecasting by capturing key performance metrics and details of SAN resources across all platforms.
  3. Virtualization Manager—Provides valuable insight into storage resource management within a virtualised environment.



IT as a Service

Drive demand management for storage, backup and cloud
Chargeback enables IT to operate as a service provider, understand where budget is being spent and charge back cost to end-customers or business units by capacity and performance.

APTARE IT Analytics helps you:

  • Gain management-level reporting for multi-tenancy environments.
  • Manage cost and demand for resources by viewing consumed storage, backup and VM resources and enable charge back.
  • Drive users to the right level and cost of storage and data protection for their needs.
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