Veritas NetBackup™ Appliance Release Notes

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Product(s): Appliances (3.1.1)

New features, enhancements, and changes for NetBackup Appliance 3.1.1

The following list describes the new features, enhancements, and changes in the NetBackup appliance 3.1.1 release:

  • Starting with this release, NetBackup appliances support the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS), as defined specifically by the FIPS 140-2 standard. From the NetBackup Appliance Shell Menu, you can enable the FIPS feature to increase security for NetBackup MSDP. For more information about this feature, see the NetBackup Appliance Security Guide. For information about FIPS commands, see the NetBackup Appliance Commands Reference Guide.


    The FIPS feature is not currently supported for use with appliances (nodes) in a high availability (HA) setup.

  • Starting with this release, you can upgrade NetBackup appliances by using the Appliance Management Console. Appliances that use software versions 2.7.3 and later are supported for upgrades through the console. For more information, see the Veritas Appliance Management Guide.


    The Appliance Management Console does not support upgrades for the NetBackup Virtual Appliance or the appliances (nodes) in a high availability (HA) setup. To upgrade these appliances, use the NetBackup Appliance Shell Menu.

  • Starting with software version 3.1.1, the Veritas operating system (VxOS) has been updated and is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) version 7.4.