Veritas NetBackup™ Appliance Release Notes

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Product(s): Appliances (3.1.1)

New Operational Notes for NetBackup Appliance 3.1.1


If you are familiar with the Operational Notes for the previous release, review this section to see only the newly documented content for this release. You should also check the Release content appendix of this document to see the issues that have been resolved for this release.


The notes and the known issues that are documented in this section may also apply to previous releases.

The following list contains the notes and the known issues that are newly documented for this release:

  • If you currently use NetBackup Appliance software versions 2.7.1 or 2.7.2 and plan to upgrade to version 3.1.1, you must download the release packages manually. For instructions on how to download upgrade packages manually, see the following documents:

    NetBackup Appliance Release 3.1.1

    NetBackup Appliance Upgrade Guide

    Any NetBackup 5220, 5230, and 5330 appliances with versions earlier than 2.7.1 must be upgraded twice to get to version 3.1.1. You can first upgrade these systems to version 3.1, and then upgrade to version 3.1.1.

  • For this release, if IPSec functionality is configured on any appliance that you plan to upgrade, the IPsec certificates may not be retained after the upgrade has completed. To avoid this issue, you must export the IPsec certificates before upgrading those appliances. For complete details, see the topic "Pre-upgrade tasks for appliance upgrades" in the Veritas NetBackup Appliance Upgrade Guide for release 3.1.1.

  • If you create a checkpoint and then enable the FIPS feature afterward, a rollback to that checkpoint may keep the feature enabled instead of disabling it. The same thing can happen in a scenario where FIPS is enabled before the checkpoint is created, but is disabled after the rollback.

    To ensure that the FIPS feature status is correct after a rollback to a checkpoint, run the following command after the rollback has completed:

    Settings > Security > FIPS Status

    If the command result shows the wrong feature status, run one of the following commands to set the feature correctly:

    Settings > Security > FIPS Enable

    Settings > Security > FIPS Disable

  • If you intend to preserve data during the reconfiguration process, you must use the NetBackup Appliance Shell Menu. Reconfiguration using the NetBackup Appliance Web Console is not supported. Note that if you perform a factory reset and choose to preserve storage, the existing Standard Share and Optimized Share partitions are deleted when initial configuration is performed from the NetBackup Appliance Web Console. This issue occurs only when you reconfigure from the NetBackup Appliance Web Console.

  • When you upgrade a NetBackup appliance 3.1 to version 3.1.1 from the Appliance Management Console, the data for the appliance (like version) is not updated on the Appliance Management Console. To view the updated information and restore normal functionality, add the appliance again to the Appliance Management Console. See the Appliance Management Guide for instructions.


    To add the appliance again, you do not need to remove the appliance from the Appliance Management Console.

  • When Appliance Management Server (version 3.1.1) is used to upgrade a NetBackup appliance to version 3.1, the Version, Total capacity used, and Last contact time fields are not updated on the Appliance Management Console. Contact Technical Support for assistance.

  • The data erasure always shows the following error message when it initializes the erasure task on the Configuration disk. This is because the status of the initialization is not available at that time. To check whether the task has been initialized and finished, contact Veritas Technical Support and ask the representative to refer to the internal technical article 100041952.

    - [Error] Cannot initialize the disk erasure for the disk ID "xxx xxx ... xxx". An unknown error has occurred. To solve the issue, contact Technical Support.

  • This release does not support pure IPv6. However, IPv6 is supported for dual stack networks.

  • The VpFs service hangs while using Universal Shares. To fix this issue, you must install an EEB NBAPP_EEB_ET3939554- before you use the Universal Shares. For more information about the EEB, see the following article:

  • If Copilot Universal Shares are configured on any nodes in an HA setup, the preflight check may fail with the following error when you attempt to upgrade to version 3.1.1:

    [Error] Failed to get complete service list on HA partner node [node_name].

    To resolve this issue so that you can perform the upgrade, contact Veritas Technical Support and ask the representative to refer to the following article:

  • After the upgrade from version 3.1 to 3.1.1 is completed, you are not able to get the post-upgrade self-test result email alert. To check the post-upgrade self-test detail and result, view the logs under /log.

  • LDAP configuration export and import operations can elevate any local users to an administrator role. Local users that are exported from the source appliance can automatically assume the administrator role when that configuration is imported on the same, or a different appliance. To address this problem, check the user Role membership from the NetBackup Appliance Shell Menu or the NetBackup Appliance Web Console, and change the administrator role membership as necessary.

    This issue has been fixed for versions 3.1.2 and later.