Veritas NetBackup™ for OpenStack Administrator's Guide

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Product(s): NetBackup (9.0)

Known limitations for OpenStack protection using NetBackup

The following table lists the known limitations for OpenStack protection using NetBackup:

Table: Known limitations



NetBackup does not clean up the OpenStack volumes if the backup operation fails while downloading the volume. The OpenStack dashboard displays that the volume has an error state.

For OpenStack, NetBackup deletes a volume only if the volume has a state other than error.


To delete a volume that has the error state, contact the OpenStack Administrator to delete the volumes manually.

OpenStack backup job fails with error 6619 in the following scenarios:

  • The OpenStack services go down during the backup.

  • The OpenStack is not responding or is slow in response.

  • Connection is reset during the backup.


Restart the OpenStack service and reinitiate the backup.