Veritas NetBackup™ for OpenStack Administrator's Guide

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Product(s): NetBackup (9.0)

About the metadata information that is captured during the backup

NetBackup captures the following metadata information for OpenStack instance and volumes:

  • VolumeType:

    This field tells about backend used by cinder for a particular volume. For example, CEPH, iSCSI, etc.

  • DeleteOnTermination:

    If set to true, volume is deleted when instance is deleted. If set to false, volume is not deleted when instance is deleted. This information is preserved during restore using OpenStack plugin.

    • This field is valid and captured only if instance we are protecting is booting from volume.

    • This field is not captured if instance we are protecting is booting from image.

    NetBackup preserves "volume type" and "delete_on_termination" for attached volumes irrespective of instance type (BootFromImage or BootFromVolume).

  • Apart from above two we are also capturing "Key Name" and "Properties" fields in instance metadata during backup process and are preserved during restore.

  • Keypair:

    NetBackup preserves and restores keypair only if the keypair is available on OpenStack project at the time of restore otherwise it will restore instance with default key_name i.e. None. NetBackup does not create keypair for instance recovery.

  • Meta Property:

    We have put restriction on property field length. The number of characters should be less than 255 chars.