NetBackup™ Web UI VMware Administrator's Guide

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Product(s): NetBackup (8.1.2)

Errors encountered when browsing VMware servers

The following table describes the problems that may occur when you click on a server under VMware servers.

Table: Errors browsing VMware servers

Error message or cause

Explanation and recommended action

VM discovery not yet initiated for the VMware server, or the server name is invalid.

  • The vCenter server or ESXi server name or credentials may have been entered incorrectly.

    Recommended action: In the NetBackup Administration Console, click Media and Device Management > Credentials > Virtual Machine Servers to verify the server name and credentials and correct them as needed.

  • If the server was added recently, the VM discovery process for that server may not have occurred yet.

    Recommended action: Stop and restart the discovery service on the NetBackup master server, as follows:


    This procedure requires administrator privilege on the NetBackup master server. For assistance, contact the NetBackup administrator.


    Stop the service:

    install_path\bin\bpdown.exe -e "NetBackup Discovery Framework" -f -v

    Restart the service:

    install_path\bin\bpup.exe -e "NetBackup Discovery Framework" -f - v

    Unix or Linux

    Stop the service:

    usr/openv/netbackup/bin/nbdisco -terminate

    Restart the service:



The discovery of VMs in the vCenter or ESXi server occurs at set intervals according to the VMWARE_AUTODISCOVERY_INTERVAL option (the default is 8 hours). The following topic explains how to change that interval:

See VMWARE_AUTODISCOVERY_INTERVAL option for NetBackup servers.