Veritas NetBackup™ Read This First Guide for Secure Communications

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Product(s): NetBackup (8.1)

How NetBackup 8.1 hosts communicate with NetBackup 8.0 and earlier hosts

NetBackup 8.1 hosts can communicate with other 8.1 hosts only in a secure mode. For a 8.1 host to communicate with hosts at 8.0 or earlier, or for a 8.1 master server to communicate with OpsCenter 8.1, you need to allow insecure communication.

By default, the Enable insecure communication with NetBackup 8.0 and earlier hosts option is enabled. The option is available in the NetBackup Administration Consoleon the Security Management > Global Security Settings > Secure Communication tab.

If you disable the option to allow only secure communication, you must restart the NetBackup services on the master server to terminate any insecure communications and allow only secure communications.

During insecure communication, the NetBackup 8.1 host first connects to the master server for host validation. The master server verifies whether insecure communication is enabled or not. If the option is enabled, the communication between the two hosts is established. If the option is disabled, the communication is dropped.